About our investment company

Our History

Renava Investors & Consultants (RIAC) is an investment group with offices in Bondo – Kenya. We offer our investors returns through partnerships based on our ventures in four main areas: Forestry, Aquaculture (fish farming), Real Estate and Agribusiness.

After 3 years of experimenting with various land-oriented businesses (including….Read more

Why would you invest with RIAC

We believe we’re not a good fit for all investors. We offer limited number of partnerships on our various projects, and usually lock capital in for atleast a year.

But the partnership means we carry the greater risk. That’s why we spend several years testing our projects & concepts (using our own funds, developing proven systems) before opening those projects to our investors, and carefully limit….Read more

What RIAC Stands For

Renava seeks to become the preferred Investment partner in the region by changing lives through realistic & affordable investment solutions. We will & are achieving this by ensuring we deliver on our promises and that our clients enjoy exemplary customer service.

Our business and how we run operations, since our foundation, is based upon the following….Read more

What we do for our investors

Renava Eucalyptus Plantation

Renava Forest Plantations

As part of diversifying our land-related projects, we started planting trees 4 years ago. The plan then was to grow our own Eucalyptus forests to supplement our timber and construction needs when we start doing property development around 2028.

But in doing our research we discovered there’s a great market for well-grown trees, so we slowly expanded our portfoli…Read more

Renava Investors Fish Farming 1

Renava Aquaculture Projects

With our main farming site only 200 meters from Lake Victoria, we naturally gravitated towards fish farming and have been doing it successfully for the past three years as well.

Starting with 2, we now operate or maage over 60 fish cages spread around the Ndenda, Mageta and Migingo Island area in Lake Victoria. We grow Tilapia in our farms, having them in different grow…Read more

Renava Investors Real Estate - Kisian Pics 1

Renava Real Estate Projects

The most recent addition to our portfolio of businesses, we’ve started out by acquring and reselling land. This we do by either outright acquisition or through joint-ventures with property owners.

We’re currently selling 1/4 acre pieces in Kisian(pictured).The property is 15minutes from Kisumu Town, with amazing views of Lake Victoria and the surrounding landscape, and have…Read more

Renava Investors Green houses 2

Renava Agribusiness Projects

For our farming, we combine a 10acre farm in Aram with several other tracts that we’ve rented out in the general Uyoma area.

On these we operate both greenhouses and open-farming strategies. And after testing and experimenting with different crops, we now focus almost exclusively on vegetables and traditional herbs. We’re looking to.…Read more

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