Our History

Renava Investors & Consultants (RIAC) is an investment group with offices in Kisumu – Kenya. We offer our investors solutions based on our ventures in three main areas: Aquaculture (fish farming), Agribusiness and Real Estate

After three years of experimenting with various agriculture based investment opportunities in Kisumu(including fish farming, greenhouses, open-field farming, bee keeping and poultry farming), we’ve been able to generate consistent results with aquaculture, greenhouses and open-plan farming. Our venture into Real Estate, with a primary focus on towns in the Counties, is based on returns witnessed by our past acquisitions.

It is due to this that we felt it was time to allow outsiders into our small club, giving them an opportunity to also indulge in the promising ventures we had established. We believe that these three areas are the most promising for our group, and are the surest way to ensure we give all our clients worthy returns for their money. This would also allow us to scale up and to execute what we have been doing even better.

Renava’s strategy for the next five years is based on three pillars:

Integration: We are seeking to better tap into the entire value chains of the three main businesses we pursue. We will do this seeking to control increasingly larger proportions of the development chain (growth/acquisition to actual end user) of the end products for our Agribusiness, Fish Farming and Real Estate businesses.

Scale: We look to put more emphasis on growing the areas where we are consistently providing good results. This will enable us to harness economies of scale and will also minimize distractions from our core business of providing above average value for our investors.

Expertise: We’re seeking to build an even better team to continue the good work our current one is doing. This new members will be tasked with keeping our clients happy by seeing though our company ambitions.

Why would you invest with us

1. We have tested our concepts and are working with proven systems.

Aquaculture and agribusiness has a lot of financial potential-IF DONE RIGHT. After a few failures, we’ve been able to consistently make predictable returns with our fish-farms and agriculture-based ventures. Our success is tied to the research & innovation that supports our business (partnership with relevant bodies and groups), and good market timing. We have researched, tried & tested dozens of approaches and finally have an approach we can bank on.
Investing with us puts you in a great position to earn great returns.

2. Our goals and those of our clients are aligned.

We are in the business of making your money grow, by partnering with you in our ventures. Our success  (Positive customer relations, profitability & growth) is directly tied to your success & because of this, you can rest assured that we will not be neglectful with your hard-earned money. It is also because of this that we have tailored all our business processes to meet the demands of ‘you’ our client. This alignment of goals helps to protect the investor

3. The hassle free Investment opportunity.

Thanks to our business structure and ways of doing business, our investing options allow investors to own a stake in our agribusiness ventures without having to go through the hassle of owning and running the farms (for fish or crops). This saves an investor a lot of time and effort, while still giving them a good piece of the returns.

4. Transparency & Accountability.

Our doors are open to anyone who would like to get a better understanding of how we do business. We endeavor to remain transparent & answerable to our investors, in line with our client-centric approach.

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What We Stand For

Our Vision
To be the preferred Investment partner in the region.

Our Mission
Changing fortunes through realistic & affordable investment solutions.

Our Values
We strive to ensure our investors are happy. We achieve this by making sure we deliver on our promises in a timely manner and that our clients enjoy exemplary customer service.

Our business is based upon the following:

Reliability: We strive to be consistent and trustworthy in delivering our promises to our clients.
Innovation: We continuously search for creative ways to ensure maximum returns on the money we put into our projects at minimum costs.
Integrity: We deliver value in an honest and ethical manner to all our clients, by maintaining the highest professional standards in all our business transactions.
Customer Focus: We do our best to align our business performance toward serving our clients’ needs since the clients are at the core of our work.