Renava (RIAC's) History

Renava (RIAC) is an investment group with offices in Bondo – Kenya. We’ve been offering our members investment solutions for five years now, based on our ventures in four main areas: Forestry (Timber farming), Aquaculture (Cage fish-farming), Agribusiness, and Real Estate.

  • 2015

    The origin group of Renava Members unite

    Renava started off as a 'Chama' of six professionals looking to pool their money and invest in the various opportunities they saw coming up around them. Their many ideas revolved around land, and they eventually narrowed down to doing agribusiness. They delegated their money to one of them, a pharmacist but also a farmer that had been doing it for a while, to handle the running of farm operations.

    This is what would later grow into Renava Agribusiness, and was the pioneer business of what would later become the Renava company.

  • 2016

    Ideas keep bubbling up, and ambition is growing

    The initial Renava group of 6 reduced to 5, but the ideas kept being floated and those ideas grew more and more ambitious. As a way of diversifying their investments in land while still creating cash, they decided to get into Timber farming as well. The initial idea was to develop the group's self-sufficiency, with regards to poles & timber, when they eventually got into property development - something they considered a long shot but still went about setting themselves up to do it somewhere in the next 10 - 15 years.

    This is would later grow into Renava Forestry.

  • 2018

    What was raw ambition seems more and more possible, so we formalize the company - Renava is born

    The founding group reduced to 4, but they knew they had momentum now and decided to formalize their operations. Renava Investors And Consultants Ltd (RIAC) - was registered as a limited liability company in 2018, to be a vehicle for the group's businesses and operations.

    This was the year we got into Real Estate sales, starting off by selling parcels around Bondo. This business venture would become Renava Real Estate.

    We had also been dabbling in Caged fish-farming since late 2017 creating investment packages around that business. We also started increasing the membership of the original Renava group, with internal arrangements of how we rewarded them for their membership of our small club.

  • 2019

    Getting clarity on what we want to do and how to go about it

    Our mantra, "When deeds speak, words are useless", was arrived at in early 2019 after several weeks of brainstorming among the leadership team. The statement was the distillation of the various decisions that had been reached regarding how Renava was going to maneuver through the next decade.

    From the creation of distinct business units and their organization, through deciding key metrics and benchmarks for the various levels, to succession planning of the Renava originals - Early 2019 was the 'adulting' of Renava as an entity, after which most of our foreseeable future has and continues to be about actualizing the philosophies, clarity and drive that emerged from that period.

Looking to become one of the dominant forest plantation owners in the country, our mainly Eucalyptus forests are specifically grown for the timber business in Kenya and our neighbors. Our Land Sales business is currently geared to serve those looking to invest in Kisumu, Kakamega, Eldoret, and generally those seeking to buy land in the greater Western Kenya region. And selling our Tilapia fish and agribusiness produce is a reliable revenue stream for us, serving produce to the Hospitality industry and various traders with whom we have a mutual dependency to keep each other’s business performing reliably.

We’ve been at it for over 4 years, and have quite a number of happy clients and members backing us up. It is due to this that we felt it was time to allow outsiders into our small club, giving them an opportunity to also indulge in the promising ventures we had established.

We believe that these four areas are the most promising for our group, and are the surest way to ensure we give all our clients great products and service, and our members reasonable & reliable returns for their money. This would also allow us to scale up and to execute what we have been doing even better.

Renava's strategy over the next decade is based on three drivers:

Integration: We are seeking to better tap into the entire value chains of the four main businesses we pursue. We will do this seeking to control increasingly larger proportions of the development chain (growth/acquisition to actual end user) of the end products for our Forestry, Agribusiness, Fish Farming and Real Estate businesses.

Sustainable scale: We look to put more emphasis on growing the areas where we are consistently providing good results. This will enable us to harness economies of scale and will also minimize distractions from our core business of providing the previuosly-mentioned reasonable and reliable returns for our members.

Expertise: We’re constantly building an even better team to continue the good work our current one is doing. This new members will be tasked with keeping our clients and members happy by seeing though our company ambitions.

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Why would you invest with Renava?

1. We have tested our concepts and are working with proven systems.

Forestry, Aquaculture and Agribusiness has a lot of financial potential-IF DONE RIGHT. After a few failures, we’ve been able to consistently make predictable returns with our fish-farms and agriculture-based ventures.

Thus far, our success has been very closely tied to market research & proccess management that supports our business (+ partnerships with relevant bodies and groups when the results of doing so make economic sense), and good market timing. We have researched, tried & tested lots of ideas and finally have  several  (regarding choice of businesses and modes of operation) that we can bank on.

Partnering with us puts you in a great position to earn reasonable and reliable returns.


2. Our company goals and those of our clients and members are aligned.

We are in the business of making money grow, by partnering with you in our ventures. Our success  (Positive customer relations, profitability & growth) is directly tied to your success & because of this, we can’t be neglectful with your hard-earned money and trust.

But don’t take our word for it, talk to those that have worked with us… and we can give you a long list of those.


3. The hassle free Investment opportunity (for you, not us – we grind).

Thanks to our business structure and ways of doing business, our investment options allow investors to own a stake in our different ventures without having to go through the hassle of owning and running the specific operations that hey all demand .

This saves you, the investor (member), a lot of time and effort, while still giving you reasonable and reliable returns.


4. Transparency & Accountability.

Our doors are open to anyone who would like to get a better understanding of how we do business. We insit on reasonable and reliable returns (and talk to our members, the numbers are actually really good), as opposed to great yet questionable numbers...

..when deeds speak, words are useless...

We were very specific when we chose that as our guiding mantra. A core theme within our team is a belief that the main thing we have in our lifetimes is our time, our decisions and our actions, everything else is bult around those three… we can get very poetic with mission statements and go on and on with coprorate jargon that builds us up as a greater than most company – we’ll save you the time. What drives is really quite simple.

We’re in the business of making money, and we believe that if we do our job well enough a lot of good – many orders of magnitude beyond what we may hope for – will come as a result of it. We hope to create a club of individuals and groups that are doing well holistically, and that meet regurlarly to mingle and trade ideas on how to do even better. If we do our jobs well our vendors and clients will grow and do more for their individual families and communities. And with the plans we have for our staff, we hope to build group ties that will make the 40 or so years that most people spend in their working years one of the most pleasant adventures of their lives…

It's going to be quite an adventure, and in wichever capacity and at whatever point along it, we really hope you join us.