Who is Renava (RIAC), what do you do and how do you go about that, and why should I trust you?


As we’ve engaged with potential clients and new members, some questions have come up repeatedly.

You must have questions, so let’s handle some that you may have about us…

Renava has 3 directors,  all of who are surviving members of the original chama of 6 men.

The 3 are Dr. Edward Odoyo(A dentist by profession), Mr. Peter Otuoma(A pharmacist and farmer by profession), and Mr. Omino Odoyo(who handles most of the day to day operations of the company).

Renava is essentially a company that operates land-based businesses. We run 4 different business units(Forestry, Reals Estate, Agribusiness and Fish Farming) under the umbrella of one company – Renava Investors and Consultants.

The Real Estate and Agribusiness are purely income streams for the company, and the Forestry and Fish Farming are where we usually partner with our members i.e. we offer them a chance to co-invest with us on thoe 2 business units.

As a working group of individuals pooling funds to invest together (the original chama), we’ve been around since 2015.

As a legally registered company operating as a single entity, we’ve been around since 2018.

As stated in query 2 above, we only partner with members on the Forestry and Fish Farming projects.

The Fish-farming is basically a one-year agreement we get into with you, where we guarantee you a given return on your capital for the 1 year you invest with us.

The forestry is usually a mid to long term agreement where we partner to setup and market timber plantations.

It’s a lot to get into, so talking to one of our reps or calling the ofice would get you better clarity.

But the short version of the explanation would be: We do so using a combination of Scale, Strong buyer relationships, Actual expertise and experience(as opposed to theories and vague projections) and by Having skin in the game(we always put up our own money into the projects we invite our members to co-invest in).

The best way to get in touch with is via a call to the office lines: 0734 655 555 or 0727 655 555

The next best way is to walk in to the office for a one-on-one chat. The Office is located in Bondo town, Siaya County – 1 hour’s drive from Kisumu City. The office location is due to the concentration of most of our projecta in the Kisumu-Bondo-Busia area, despite thefact that most of our members are based in Nairobi.

If you prefer email, reach us via info@riac.co.ke, and there’s even more options on Our Contacts Page

The member benefits range from great yet realistic return projections, through actual expertise in the few areas we choose to work in, to preferential consideration in all the projects we launch/are engaged in.

Reach out to us for a better breakdown of both current benefits, and what we have planned for the small club that are our members.

Still have questions for us or just need further clarification on a specific issue?

Please reach out to us here and we’ll discuss further.