Renava Real Estate – Land For Sale Around Kisumu

We’re currently selling both small plots (for individual settlement or speculation) and more sizable land parcels for those interested in agricultural land in western Kenya or looking for bigger family grounds to retire to.


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When starting this branch of our business in 2018, we concentrated on land around Bondo town. We’ve since grown our geographical coverage, currently buying and/or selling land in the Kisumu-Bondo-Busia triangle. Our aim for this area is to grow into the go-to Real Estate player in the Western Kenya region. With certain areas e.g. Kisumu’s city environs greatly dominated by fraud cases or complicated land ownership issues, we have a steep hill to climb – but one we believe we can manage and eventually OWN the hill.

We have big ambitions for this area of our portfolio and are looking to set up a property management company to help property owners that are looking to do better things with their time than deal with the often challenging aspect of being a landlord. Getting into the development scene is also something we’re keen on doing later this decade as part of our strategic growth plan, thus we’re also open to partnering with other investors in Real Estate projects that they may wish to exit investments they already own.